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U-Save Bargains

Orders can be placed online via the form on the Contact Us Tab

5 N  Orange Blossom Tr. 32805

       Phone: 407-843-5606 

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If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us anytime via our Inquiry form on the Contact Us Tab


If you are looking for building supplies at affordable prices, then you’ve come to the right place! U Save Bargains in Orlando, Florida offers a wide variety of unfinished Poplar Shaker cabinets and vanities. Pick-up and delivery will be available in days, not weeks! 

Go to out Contact Us page and fill out the inquiry form with your kitchen measurements or pieces needed, we will then quote you and set up an appointment at our showroom.     

100% Wood Cabinets and Vanities

Unfinished Poplar Shaker Cabinets

Call for Current Pricing or Fill Out Inquiry Form on Contact Us Tab


Kitchen Base for Sink

33"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

36"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

60"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

Kitchen Base

12"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

15"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

18"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

21"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

24"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

30"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

36"w x 34-1/2h x 24"d

Pantry Cabinet

18"w x 84"h x 24"d

24"w x 84"h x 24"d

30"w x 84"h x 24"d

Corner Cabinets-24"x 24" x 30"h

Lazy Susan - 36"x36"x 34-1/2"h

Wall Cabinets

9"w x 30"t x 12"d   

30"w x 12"t x12"d   

30"w x 15"t 12"d 

36"w x 12"t x 12"d    

36"w x 15"t x 12"d   

12"w x 30"t x 12"d   

15"w x 30"t x 12"d  

18"w x 30"t x 12"d  

21"w x 30"t x 12"d  

24"w x 30"t x 12"d  

30"w x 30"t x 12"d  

36"w x 30"t x 12"d  


24"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

30"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

36"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

42"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

48"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

60"w x 34.5"h x 21"d

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